Praise and criticism are both welcome. But there is more: Yippie, I've got an award!

I never applied for an award. But I would be lying if I wouldn't admit that I am pleased about every nice comment in the guestbook and about each award. And so I show the few awards I have received on this page.

Although I have to add that in many cases it is an honor, if my site is linked by another talented photographer.

On June, 16th, 2002 my website was awarded 'website of the week' by the (beautiful) site About that and specially about the nice reason I was more than pleased.

From the very informative travel site my homepage was suggested as 'homepage of the month November 2002'. From the visitors I received the most votes and was actually selected. Thank you.

At my picture of the New York skyline dissolved in smoke was selected as picture of the month September 2002, as was my picture from Brooks Falls in August 2004.

I don't know actually, how I came by that Golden Web Award and the value he's got. But the cup looks very pretty and so... I'm pleased about it. Above all, because I got it for the second time in a row.

At my german language homepage was selected for the Gold Award in January 2005.

Ivana, the webmaster of Weltenbummlerin (worldtraveler), has presented me her Top-Award. I appreciate this and the nice laudatio.

At my homepage was selected for the Golden Award in June 2004.



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