Is there more in life but working ans eating? O yeah! Yippie, I've got hobbies!

Although I don't want to say that sleeping does not belong to my hobbies :-) Because at my advanced age an occasional additional sleeping period can't do no harm. Naturally nothing would speak against a nice office-sleep now and then, but after a while my boss always wakes me up. Bad luck!

But I don't want to exaggerate. Sleeping isn't everything. If I have got spare time, I like to play billard, read books, go to the movies or listen to music. And if a lot of time and the necessary money is available, then of course the next vacation is due. The further away, the better.

On the following pages I reveal all the secrets of my dearest books, records and films. I tell you about billard and present my favourite spots on this planet. Have fun surfing around - if you want to get to know the person behind the camera. And don't forget:

a) Don't argue about taste
b) You can argue about taste :-)
c) Everything is relative
d) Or something like that...

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