It's a shame, my site is not the only one. But there is so much more Yippie, here are many great websites!

There are many sites about Photography or Travel in the net. But not many who can inspire me for a longer period. On this page I arranged these sites, in my opinion the best of the best. Have fun surfing - and please, return to me occasionally.

If you know or own a good homepage, with photography or travel related topics, then please send me a mail. If I like the site, I link the site. Although I'll always go for a rather small and exclusive link list.

Further links to successful and informative websites can be found on the topic sides (books, music, film) and - as far they only concern one region - also in the individual travel galleries.

Foto-communities und Linklists:

Art + Photography: Linklist - Online Photography Community
Nature Photo Index: Nature Galleries
Nature Photographers: Online Magazine
Photographers Index: List of Photographers International Linklist The Photography Network
Photography Link Directory: Photography Links Nature Photography Links
States of the Art: Links, Community, Galeries


Photography Resources:

Computer Darkroom: Tutorials, products etc.
Fotoforum: Digital Photography resource
Outback Photo: Reviews, galeries, etc.
Luminous Landscape: Workshops and much more
Scenic Sensations:Tutorials and workshops

My absolute favorites:

Ken Duncan Peter Lik
Ken Duncan and Peter Lik: My two favorite photographers. You should visit their galleries in Australia.

This (german) page will get you into a good mood. For photofans, lyricfans, and basically everybody who likes brilliant websites.


Galleries and Photographers:

Laurenz Bobke: Landscape and nature photography
C. Bockermann: Travelphotography - America+Europe
Grant Collier: Landscape images western USA
Erik Gunzel: Landscapes + architecture
Matthias Kleinmanns: Travelphotography worldwide
Georg Köves: Images from all continents
Rob Lehman: Beautiful landscapes from USA
Andrew Lilley: Landscape and nature photography
Monique Schilders (and Paul): Travel Photos Earth
Andy Spörndle: Travelphotography, huge choice
Jeremy Turner: Landscape, wilderness and fine art

Travellers of the world

Travelspot: Ayse + Jan - Japan, China, Iran n'more Travelogues and more

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